Repair Process

The process of repairing your vehicle is very important to us. We’d like to return your vehicle to you in the most efficient way possible but only after ensuring that the repairs were done perfectly. Our repair process is as follows:

  • Drop Off
  • Estimation
  • Repair Process
  • Detailing
  • Quality Control
  • Pick Up

With our state of the art facility, fully insured and bonded and with the most experienced and certified repair technicians, our goal is to make the repair process of your vehicle a simple and positive experience. Call us today for a Remote Estimate!

  • Drop Off:

Once an estimate is completed and you’ve authorized us to begin repairs on your vehicle, we will schedule a date for you to drop off your vehicle. Once your vehicle is dropped off, we begin work on repairs immediately. The first step is ordering any parts required for the repair. This step is sometimes done between estimation and drop off so the repair process can be completed faster.

  • Estimation:

All of our estimates are provided immediately and free of charge. No appointment is necessary. If you would like to process your claim through your insurance provider, all we need is your claim number and we’ll take it from there. We will send your insurance provider an estimate and any potential supplements to get the repair on your vehicle completed fully. If you plan on paying for your repairs, we’ll happily provide you with an estimate and explain every line of it.

  • Repair Process:
    1. Disassembly: The first step is disassembly. This step helps us determine if the damage has affected any additional components of your vehicle. If we find additional damage, we will let you know immediately. In the scenario that your vehicle repair is being covered under your insurance policy, we will notify the insurance company and provide them with a supplement to the original estimate.
    2. Structural Repairs: Structural repairs, such as the replacement of major components on your vehicle, repairing a frame or other structural damage are completed first. This will ensure that the most important parts of your vehicle are repaired properly and safely.
    3. Cosmetic Repairs: If your vehicle requires any cosmetic repairs to external body parts, we will repair them by first pulling and straightening and then smoothing out the damage with body filler. When this process is complete, your vehicle is ready for paint!
    4. Paint: We treat the painting of your car like an artist would treat a canvas. From the start of the prepping of the car for paint, our refinish technicians give the utmost attention to detail and examine every square inch of the repair area to ensure the best possible finish. Once the prepping is complete, the vehicle gets the proper number of coats of paint as well as clear coat.
  • Detailing:

The detailing phase encompasses our entire vehicle, inside and out! We give your car a nice detailed interior clean as well as a full buff of the repaired area and a detailed wash of the exterior of the vehicle.

  • Quality Control:

Once the repair process is completed, the vehicle goes through a rigorous quality control process that determines whether or not the repairs were completed in a satisfactory manner. We will inspect the body repair, any structural components, glass components, mechanical components and lastly, any trim. Once everything is inspected and has passed the quality control phase, your vehicle is ready for delivery. We’ll immediately call you to schedule pickup!

  • Pick up:

When your vehicle is ready for pickup, we’ll contact you to inform you and schedule a pick up time. When you arrive, we’ll go over the repairs that were completed and inspect the repairs together one last time and you’ll be on your way. You’ll get a final repair bill which includes – in writing – a full workmanship warranty on everything we did.

woman using mobile smartphone taking photo of car accident damaged for insurance